Got Questions?

Frequently asked questions for Freedom Groups

Our FAQ section offers in-depth answers, guiding you through what to expect and how to get involved in our vibrant community-focused small groups.

  • What happens at a Freedom Group?

    A Freedom Group looks like friends enjoying lunch or dinner, playing games, or studying a the Word of God together or even a biblical topic of interest. At its core, a Freedom Group is a small gathering of like-minded believers learning and growing in their faith together.

  • How often does a group meet?

    Our group meeting times vary with most groups meeting once a week or bi-weekly. Groups are meant to bring meaning and community into the flow of your life, so even if you can't attend every meeting, there is still great value in joining a group.

  • Where do groups meet?

    Freedom Groups happen on our Freedom Campus and in homes in the surrounding areas.

  • How long does a Freedom Group stay together?

    Groups meet year-round. However, groups may be added though out the year or merge into other groups if one becomes too large.

  • Is childcare available?

    Childcare varies from group to group. When you reach the description of each group, it will indicate if childcare is available. Children are welcome at most groups!

  • Do I need to be a member of Freedom to attend?

    No, being a Freedom Partner (member) is not a requirement. All are welcome!

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Absolutely! Invite whomever you want to attend with you!

  • Do I need to sign-up?

    Sign-up is strongly encouraged so we can let our group leaders know who to expect and contact you with any further info. But you aren't able to, that's ok too! Just show up!