If you were to read all of the Bible, you would quickly discover a story that is woven throughout its pages. Pastors and theologians describe this grand story in various ways. At Freedom, we explain God’s story as (1) God’s creation, (2) our condition, (3) God’s provision, and (4) our response. Today, this story still impacts us. This story is the gospel, and the gospel is good news for us.

God’s Creation

Our Condition

God’s Provision

Our Response

At our very core, we all recognize that something greater has to exist. And God has given us the Bible to teach us about these very things. The Bible begins with God’s preeminent existence before the earth was formed. It continues with how He created the heavens and the earth and all things in it. He created everything including man, woman, light darkness, the animals, the oceans and more. When He finished creating all of these amazing things He stated “and it was very good.” Genesis 1
Enter the Enemy. In Genesis 3, we learn of a new character who tempts the very first humans. This enemy, Satan, was against God. Because of this, he tempted the first humans to distrust God and break His law. Sadly, the humans listened to Satan and disobeyed God. With their disobedient actions, they sinned and were forever separated from God. Today, you and I are still plagued with sin. Because of Adam and Eve’s sin, we are all sinful and therefore guilty before God. At this point, it seems as if there is little hope, but the story is not over. Genesis 3
Throughout history, God provided ways for humanity to know and love Him. Yet our sin had still not been fully dealt with. This all changed when God Himself became human and dwelt among men. His name was Jesus. Jesus is both fully God and fully man. Through his perfect life, sacrificial death on the cross, and victorious resurrection from the grave, Jesus defeated sin, death, and hell, providing forgiveness for sin and reconciliation between God and humanity. Now, because of Jesus, we can be saved from our sin and and reconciled back to God. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4
While Jesus did an incredible work for us, salvation requires a response on our part. The Bible says we must repent, or turn, from our sin, trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection for the forgiveness of sin, and submit our lives to Him. While we must respond to Jesus, we must never forget that salvation is not because of anything we have done; rather, salvation comes by God’s grace alone, through Christ’s blood alone, and by the Holy Spirit’s work alone. What is holding you back from giving your life to Jesus? Call out to Jesus in your own words, repenting of your sin, trusting in him, and giving your life to him. Mark 1:14-15Romans 10:13
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