At Freedom Church, we love to celebrate life change. The greatest way we get to celebrate life change is by the way Jesus himself commanded—BAPTISM. At Freedom we believe that baptism is a symbolic practice of the church in which new believers in Jesus are immersed in water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as public obedience to Jesus Christ. It is also an outward symbol of the believers’ forgiveness of sin and new life in Jesus.
Baptism is an essential part of the Christian life. While nothing about baptism saves you, Jesus commands that we be baptized Matthew 28:19-20. At Freedom Church, we believe that baptism is by immersion, meaning baptism occurs by being placed completely under water and then brought up out of the water. When someone is baptized by immersion it symbolizes several things. First, it symbolizes how Jesus has washed us of our sins. Second, by being immersed and coming up out of the water, baptism by immersion symbolizes the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus. More than anything, when we are baptized, we are identifying with Christ.
Because of the three reasons just listed, baptism is only for those who have repented of their sin, trusted in Jesus, and submitted their life to him. Freedom Church believes that baptism should happen in front of other believers, so we are always ready to baptize someone on any given Sunday!
If you would like to be baptized or would like to know more about baptism, please contact us.
We would be glad to talk to you further about your decision to be baptized through Jesus.

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